Released December 17, 2021

Recorded at SuperSize Recording Budapest in May 2021 by András Makay. Mixed and mastered at The Bunker Studio New York City by John Davis and Alex DeTurk. Design & Art Direction by Ovidiu Hrin.

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Released February 2, 2016

Recorded at SuperSize Recording Budapest in September 2015. Mixed and mastered by Bence Brucker. Design & Art Direction by Ovidiu Hrin. Released through EM Records.

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Album reviews

“The music is incredible! These three talented musicians take you on a trip that combines Fusion, Jazz and Jam together.”
“They are all exceptional musicians and sound very well together.”
“I enjoyed listening to “Horizon”. Very professional recorded, Great arrangements and JazzyBIT Jams it out!!!! Please check out!” – Tony Monaco

Concert reviews

“Quelles explosions kaléidoscopiques distillées au cours de ce concert envoûtant au Sunset Sunside! Un jazz dynamique, percutant, empreint de créativité, qui réveille vos oreilles et allume vos neurones. Avis écrit avec leur “Train to Afrisia” dans les airs, je suis ailleurs” – Marius Cox

“The second album, Horzion, I think it’s even better than the first one. You can really see all the hard work and passion that went into it. Great job guys both on your album and your performance last night!” – Not just makeup


Romanian reviews here.

Released February 2, 2014

Recorded by Uțu Pascu and Octavian Horvath at Audio TM Studio Timișoara in September 2013. Mixed by Uțu Pascu. Artwork by Alexandra Ardelean. Photography by Hannelore Moldoveanu.

Listen or buy the album on Bandcamp.

Album reviews

“Touch the Sky is well-balanced, reflecting the relationship between the musicians and all three of them get wonderful opportunities to shine throughout.”
“With wholly original music that doesn’t wear thin after repeated listening (and I must have heard it now over a dozen times) Touch the Sky is a solid debut album from a band that sounds wise beyond its years.” – Andrei Cherascu – The Music and Myth


Romanian reviews here.

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