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Puteți comanda primul nostru album “Touch the Sky” dar și tricoul JazzyBIT aici: – dacă întâmpinați dificultăți în procesul de comandă, vă rugăm să ne scrieți. Puteți comanda și direct, contactându-ne.

You can order our first album “Touch the Sky” and also our JazzyBIT T-shirt here: – if you encounter difficulties during the order process, please write us. You can also order directly, by contacting us.

About us

JazzyBIT is an instrumental trio from Timișoara, Romania, consisting of Teodor Pop (piano, Hammond Organ, Rhodes), Mihai Moldoveanu (bass guitar) and Szabó Csongor-Zsolt (drums, percussion) that approaches music inspired by jazz, latin, funk and blues.

Listen to our record “Touch the Sky” here, order merchandize here, see us moving or standing, contact and book us here.

“[…] an alert exchange of mixed beats followed by smooth glissandos on the Hammond that rendered the performance with an easygoing Caribbean flair.” – All About Jazz