JazzyBIT is an instrumental trio from Timișoara, Romania, consisting of Teodor Pop (piano, Hammond Organ, Rhodes), Mihai Moldoveanu (bass guitar) and Szabó Csongor-Zsolt (drums, percussion) that approaches music inspired by jazz, latin, funk and blues.
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“[...] an alert exchange of mixed beats followed by smooth glissandos on the Hammond that rendered the performance with an easygoing Caribbean flair.” – All About Jazz
“Performing at the festival for a second year in a row, the young musicians [...] made again the proof of a solid musical grounding providing a substantial basis for the creative improvisation style. The lightness of the show, residing in the height of the piano chords and the specific rhythmicity, brought in a Caribbean atmosphere alimented by the bass and drums in a well timed concordance, allowing for imaginative variations in intensity and depth. The free launch on the piano keys with gliding harmonies, which withdrew at intervals just to reemerge in spectacular peak, charged the characteristic playfulness without altering the well structured melodic design of the pieces.”- All About Jazz