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JazzyBIT is a loud jazz trio from Timisoara (Romania) consisting of Teodor Pop (piano, keys), Mihai Moldoveanu (bass) and Szabó Csongor-Zsolt (drums), which offers an energetic combination of jazz and rock, scattered here and there with blues, latin and funk. Listen to our new album “Horizon“, order merchandise on Bandcamp or contact us.
Second album “Horizon” out now!

Our second album “Horizon” was released on February the 2nd 2016 through EM Records. You can order the album on our Bandcamp page or listen to “Remember“, which is also available on our YouTube channel.
Listen and order “Horizon” now!

Listen to the new album!

Our second album “Horizon” was released in February 2016.


See us live!

Go to our concerts page to see all our upcoming events.


Contact us

Feel free to contact us anytime for interviews, concert bookings or any other information.


JazzyBIT is modern and hip while giving a nice nod to past organ grease masters. Great Stuff!
Brian Charette – jazz organ player, writer for Keyboard Magazine
[…] an alert exchange of mixed beats followed by smooth glissandos on the Hammond that rendered the performance with an easygoing Caribbean flair.
All About Jazz
The music is incredible! These three talented musicians take you on a trip that combines Fusion, Jazz and Jam together.
Tony Monaco – Jazz Organ Monster
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